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Specification of

EI-MD2000A Detektor Logam, Alkohol dan Radiasi

EI-MD2000A digital high-sensitivity walkthrough digital metal detector uses excellent electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology with high-sensitivity magnetic and nonmagnetic metal detection sensitivity and good introduction to personal items such as coins, keys, belts, etc. Highest sensitivity can detect steel balls 20 mm in diameter. It has many layered coil overlap designs, with LEDs with high brightness to show the horizontal position of metal objects accurately, which can make it easier for operators to make judgments.

Technology Features

High detection sensitivity for the magnetic metal, non-magnetic metal and alloy.
Having digital pulse technology and stable performance.
The class of effective sensitivity is 255.
Multiple frequency and high anti-interference performance.
Modular design and can be easily installed or maintained.


Factories Entertainment venues Large activities

Hotels Tourist attractions Public activities

Technical Specifications

Size / Weight ..................... .2230mm (L) * 830mm (W) * 580mm (H) / about 65KG

Tunnel Size .................. .. 2000mm (L) * 710mm (W) * 500mm (H)

Power Supply .................. AC85-264V / 50-60HZ

Power Consumption ......... 12W

Working Temperature ...... .. -20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃





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